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Medical service

Content of services: Assessment of a person's health condition and counseling based on the health condition during the rehabilitation process. Advising rehabilitation professionals on the implementation of selected measures and interventions (identification of appropriate and inappropriate interventions based on health status). Counseling network members (incl. Family) to support the person in achieving rehabilitation goals (the doctor informs the person and his / her network members about the person's health situation during the rehabilitation process, including due to the results of rehabilitation and the impact on the health situation). Assessing the need for aids, recommending and teaching the use of appropriate aids. The service does not include the preparation of a medical treatment plan, diagnosis, treatment procedures, prescription, referral to a specialist or referral for further examinations.

Our case managers will help you find a solution to your questions about social rehabilitation and special care for people aged 16 and over.
The case manager helps to answer questions related to referral to a special care and rehabilitation service and helps to choose a suitable service provider. The case manager also helps to resolve any concerns that may arise during the provision of the service.

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