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Physiotherapist services

 Service content: This is a service offered for clients, the aim of which is to develop, maintain and restore maximum freedom of movement and functionality of the body throughout its life. The service is provided in cases where the functionality and mobility of the body is impaired due to aging, trauma, pain, illness, disorder, condition or environmental factors, given that full functional mobility is the most important factor for health.

The specialist will provide assistance on the following issues:

Stroke, multiple sclerosis, parkinsonism and other brain diseases;
dysfunction of peripheral nerves (radiculopathy, neuritis, polyneuropathy);
Cardiovascular diseases;
Recovery from injuries;
Inflammatory and degenerative joint diseases;
Diseases of the spine (osteochondrosis, trauma, dislocation of the vertebrae);
Posture disorders, scoliosis;
Respiratory diseases (pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma);
Overweight, obesity;
Gastrointestinal disorders associated with movement disorders.
The task is to develop a complex of medical gymnastics, specially selected for each client. The specialist recommends one-to-one workouts as well as advice on using the gym at home. The prescribed technique depends on the severity and form of the disease.

What the specialist does in the first hour:
Like any other specialist, first of all, they are interested in the client's complaints, the reasons why he received them. He then asks about the course of the disease, which is still a health problem. Finds out what sports the client is engaged in, his lifestyle. It is very important to inform the specialist about the occurrence of chronic diseases, previous operations and injuries. This is necessary to identify possible contraindications.
Then the specialist must determine the severity of the person's condition, conduct a test, assess the physical condition of the client and study the test results and opinions of specialists involved in the treatment of the underlying disease and related disorders.
Only after that, the specialist determines the treatment tactics, selects the complex of therapeutic gymnastics, with the help of which the rehabilitation takes place. In addition, she provides advice on lifestyle changes, daily activities, and necessary exercises at home.

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