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  • lootus.onnele@gmail.com
  • M-F: 10:00 to 20:00/or as required


Nursing services

 Service content: information and counseling on health and self-help issues, assessment of disease awareness, training on how to cope with illness and symptoms, management of risky behavior, counseling the local person's network in the presence / with the permission of the person or his/her representative for solutions and support health problems. Consultation of rehabilitation specialists on the implementation of the selected measures and interventions (determination of suitable and inappropriate ones based on the state of health). Counseling and motivating network members to support the person in achieving rehabilitation goals. Assess the need for aids, recommend and teach them how to use them. The service does not include sending for additional examinations, performing medical procedures and issuing a prescription. 

We are open

Kase Center: Monday-Friday

(10.00-20.00)/or as required

Keldrimäe center: Monday-Saturday

(10.00-20.00)/or as required

Kadaka center: Monday-Saturday

(08.00-16.00)/or as required