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Proposals and Complaints Procedures.

1. Introduction.

  1. The purpose of processing suggestions and complaints is to ensure that suggestions and complaints submitted to the Lootus Õnnele Rehabilitation Center are considered and resolved as soon as possible.
  2. Procedures are designed and implemented to improve customer satisfaction and engagement, and to improve the quality of service delivery.
  3. All employees of the institution involved in the process of processing proposals and complaints must comply with the requirements of confidentiality.
  4. The number and subject of proposals and complaints will be reflected in the annual report.
  5. The procedure for resolving proposals and complaints is reviewed once a year.

2. The procedure for submitting proposals and complaints.

  1. Suggestions and complaints can be submitted both in writing and orally.
  2. A written complaint can be left in the mailbox inside the Rehabilitation Center “Lootus Õnnele”, which is located in the lobby of the Rehabilitation Center, or in the corresponding form on the website, as well as by mail.
  3. Suggestions and complaints can be presented orally to the head of the institution, provided that a written answer is not needed, and the problem is resolved quickly and without further consideration.
  4. Oral complaints and suggestions will not be logged unless provided in writing.
  5. An oral complaint or acceptance of a proponent may be refused if:
    1. the person has limited legal capacity, and the court has appointed a guardian, and the representative of the person with limited legal capacity is not present at the reception;
    2. the person does not express his desires and cannot be identified by asking questions;
    3. a person with his aggressive behavior may endanger himself or others. In case of refusal to accept the person, paragraph 2.5.2 of this chapter. on the basis indicated above, the person must be informed about the possibility to apply to the authority in writing.
    4. If the manager, when accepting a person, discovers that the submitted position, complaint or proposal, the answer to it or the requested information and explanation are not within the competence, he informs the person about this and appoints a body competent to deal with this issue.

3. Processing of suggestions and complaints.

  1. Proposals and complaints received in writing are considered by the head of the rehabilitation center or a person authorized by him.
  2. If the manager is not competent to respond to the proposal or provide the requested information or explanation, he must immediately send the complaint or proposal to the competent authority or body for a response, but no later than within 5 working days from the date of registration of the proposal or complaint, as well as notifying the applicant about it.
  3. Written proposals and complaints are reviewed on the last working day of each week. Proposals presented on the website will also be reviewed on the last business day of each week. The days in question are also considered the date of receipt of the proposal or complaint.
  4. All written suggestions and complaints and their responses will be entered in the register of documents on receipt of complaints or suggestions or the next day after submitting a response and will be stored in the folder of procedures for submitting proposals and complaints in the office of the head.

4. Responding to suggestions and complaints.

  1. The basis for resolving and responding to proposals and complaints is the United Russia Law on the "Act of Response to a Memorandum and a Request for Explanation", which states that a proposal / complaint should be answered immediately, but no later than within 30 calendar days from the date of its registration ... In case of special need, the response period can be extended up to two months, subject to notification of the proposal / applicant.
  2. Suggestions and complaints remain unanswered if:
    1. it is impossible to identify the person making the claim;
    2. it is not possible to understand the request or offer provided by the person;
    3. the person making the request has limited legal capacity and has been assigned a guardian, and the proposal or complaint has been submitted without the prior consent of the representative;
    4. the person who made the request has clearly stated that he does not want to receive a response;
    5. the content of the offer or complaint is not legible or understandable;
    6. responding to a large amount of information requires changes in the organization's work, it is difficult to fulfill public tasks or can bring unreasonably high costs.

5. Saving documents.

  1. The documents collected during the processing of proposals and complaints are stored in accordance with applicable law, the head of the Rehabilitation Center "Lootus Õnnele" is responsible for their preservation

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