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Speech therapist service 

Development of pre-speech communication. Development or restoration of (oral, written) and / or alternative communication. Assessing the need for assistance, recommending a suitable aid and training. Advising the individual and / or members of their environment to develop an environment that supports the development or restoration of communication skills. Consulting on problems with swallowing disorders.

Our rehabilitation center employs several qualified experienced speech therapists who offer assistance in the following areas:
• comprehensive diagnostics of speech functions (children and adults);
• setting the correct breathing;
• development of fine and articulated motor and phonemic hearing;
• speech therapy;
• individual speech therapy lessons to improve speaking and writing with children of preschool and school age.

Speech therapy is performed for children with various speech disorders: dyslalia, alalia, dysarthria, rhinolalia, stuttering, dysgraphia, speech delay, general speech delay.

When shouldn't a speech therapist visit be postponed?
• if the child's speech development does not correspond to the average age norms and the child:
• not be lazy at the age of 2-3 months;
• do not fatten from 6-7 months;
• At the age of 1 year, do not commit;
• does not speak a word at 2 years old;
• At the age of 5 it is difficult to express thoughts, not to build sentences, not to retell fairy tales and fairy tales;
• If the child does not pronounce sounds correctly, it will be difficult for him to understand the speech addressed to him.

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