• Administrator: Keldrimäe - 56907779, Kase - 54555443, ABA - 55602290, Kadaka - 56966998, Director: 56681138
  • lootus.onnele@gmail.com
  • M-F: 10:00 to 20:00/or as required


Social worker service

Service content: Counseling (information, guidance, law enforcement, motivation) and coordination of services for the prevention and solution of social problems to support / facilitate the future functioning of a person, as well as the ability to participate in society. Activating a person's personal environment, consulting with providers of public services and other official members of the environment (employers, educators, unemployment insurance fund managers) to support the person in achieving rehabilitation goals.

We are open

Kase Center: Monday-Friday

(10.00-20.00)/or as required

Keldrimäe center: Monday-Saturday

(10.00-20.00)/or as required

Kadaka center: Monday-Saturday

(08.00-16.00)/or as required