Order of processing applications.

The purpose of this procedure is to describe the application processing procedure at the Rehabilitation Center "Lootus Õnnele" (hereinafter referred to as the Center). The Center's operations are based on legislation, board decisions, and internal guidelines, focusing on providing social and vocational rehabilitation services.

Application Processing:

- The Center's social workers/administrators conduct a technical review of applications within 10 working days of their arrival at the Center. This review ensures that all required fields in the application are filled out and necessary documents are submitted.

Handling Deficiencies:

- If deficiencies are found in the application documentation, the applicant is notified. Applicants are given a one-time period of 2 working days to rectify these deficiencies.

- If deficiencies are not rectified within the given timeframe, the Center may decline to review the application.

Rehabilitation Plan Development:

- No later than 15 working days before the application submission deadline, the Center's social workers/administrators contact the applicant to start developing an individual rehabilitation plan.

- The development of the rehabilitation plan includes analyzing the client's needs and objectives and selecting suitable services.

The Center adheres to all relevant legislative and internal regulations to ensure a fair and transparent application processing procedure.

Updated on January 5, 2024.

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